peek into paisley rosie’s dressing room part 2: the secret to thrifting like a pro

I am obsessed with Goodwill, thrift stores, vintage stores, yard sales, flea markets whatever.

Since my obsession with Anthropologie styled interior design is not in the price range of actually shopping nonstop at Anthro (see anthro home, you’re lovely but out of my budget), I have mastered the ability to spot unique finds hidden away *often buried* in thrift stores.  Over the years I have gathered an assortment of goodies, spending literally a buck or two along the way, until finally having a beautiful collection. Pretty much all vacations I find myself in at least one local thrift store looking to acquire unique pieces that will be meaningful for a lifetime.

In Peek into Paisley Rosie’s Dressing Room, posted earlier today, I shared a bunch of pictures of various things throughout the room.  Mimicking the style of a vintage store is easy when you spend so much time in them.

Some of my favorite tips:

  • Look for unique pieces
  • Remember everything has at least three uses
  • Think outside the box
  • Set a budget walking into the store, say $10. See what you can find!
  • Have fun.

Here is a review of various things which I have scooped up over the years.



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