dining by design nyc

As an interior design junkie, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit the Dining By Design show in NYC presented by DIFFA (Design Industry Foundation Fighting Aids). I love how each designer is given a space and then has the ability to incorporate whatever design elements they chose. It is such a fun way to express a range of styles and options using a really small space. … More dining by design nyc


This has been the year of “When am I getting a break?!” After my precious cat Amelia passed away I really have been needing to check out and relax. Luckily we had a trip lined up to Boston to attend a sports analytics conference at MIT which helped my take my mind of things before … More Beantown

remembering Amelia through a beautiful garden

Amelia was a gem. A real sweetheart. The nicest, and warmest, part of my world. To memorialize her at our house, we decided that it would be really nice to remember her in the form of a new garden in our backyard. Since then I have been scouring the internet looking at backyard garden designs and tons and tons of flowers. … More remembering Amelia through a beautiful garden