remembering Amelia through a beautiful garden

It has been a little while since I have shared a post, and it saddens me to share the reason is that we had been focused entirely on our very sick kitty, Miss Amelia, who had been battling with a large mass in her brain for the last few weeks. Things took a turn for the worse last week, and on Saturday we needed to make the really heartbreaking decision to save her from any additional pain, and put her to sleep.

It is amazing to me the amount of joy that our furry friends can bring into our lives. They really are such a special part of who we are and this weekend showed me, more than ever, how important they are to us.

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Amelia was a gem. A real sweetheart. The nicest, and warmest, part of my world.  She was my best friend, knew all of my secrets, hung out with me when I was getting ready every morning and was an all around great cat.

To memorialize her at our house, we decided that it would be really nice to remember her in the form of a new garden in our backyard.  Since then I have been scouring the internet looking at backyard garden designs and tons and tons of flowers.


Here are some of my favorite ideas:

So our next step is to map out the yard, identify a spot (which we think we know already where) and then spend some quality time designing the garden.  I want to ensure that we have a range of blooms from spring through fall; I even found moon glories at Terrain which compliment morning glories.

I know I would love a trellis- that is for sure. Definitely some sort of lighting. And a nice seating area to sit and remember our lovely little angel, and honestly I have been wanting a greenhouse for a long time.

Designing a space will be fun and I can not wait to spend so much of my time maintaining it and enjoying this new space that represents such a big part of my life.

Any ideas or suggestions on your favorite flowers to memorialize a love one in a New England garden? Tips or tricks on designing a garden?

Rest easy baby girl. 12.4.2004-2.25.2017


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