This has been the year of “When am I getting a break?!”

After my precious cat Amelia passed away I really have been needing to check out and relax. Luckily we had a trip lined up to Boston to attend a sports analytics conference at MIT which helped my take my mind of things before we had to come home and pick up her ashes and return to reality.

Beantown is many things: it is culture; food; education; energy. People are so active and smart and with all of those great things I can’t understand why they don’t have a more attractive accent. R is nonexistent there but that definitely didn’t mean I couldn’t relax for a little break.

With a little freak snow brushing we were able to bounce from bar to bar and really have a fun time with two friends who live in Cambridge. It was so much fun and at the end of the night we found ourselves on at Top of the Hub having cocktails at the 52nd floor -where it was also pretty snowy!

I am a sucker for rooftop restaurants so when Kyle took me back for brunch on Sunday I was in love!

In addition to bar hopping we also indulged at Eataly – which I had been long overdue to try and spent some quality time in our adorable Airbnb in Back Bay.

As this work week winds to a halt I can’t help but smile thinking about last weekend and my fun lined up for this weekend.


Currently listening to Just Like Tropica-L by Soft Powers. ย Check it out on my Spotify Featured Songs Playlist



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