new tea tuesday: pear peppercorn green & white tea blend

There is something about a blizzard – hello Stella- that immediately slows life down and says “let’s ease into this”.  My house has these fantastic radiators that warm right up and make you want to rest your feet on them for hours. Most of the house has pretty covers on them, but in a few key spots, such as our dining room, the radiators are exposed.

With the snow coming down, literally inches per hour (with a forecast of FEET!) it seemed like a great time to bust open a new tea I just got in the mail and sip on a nice green and white tea blend.

Now I have to stop for a moment and share the reason I bought the tea I am going to tell you about.

Social media is filled with companies interacting with customers and building a bond through images and quick little back and forth exchanges. It amazes me how I have grown to like or really disliked a company based on how they interact- and not always with me directly.  This world is so much bigger, but yet closer, than it was when I grew up.

So there has been a company, Blossom, a Healing Garden , which I have followed on Instagram for a while now and they follow me as well. Cute right? haha.  Well as my kitty Amelia was going through the last few weeks of health issues before she passed away, I noticed that this company was genuinely concerned and very sweetly sharing sympathy with me. It was more like an interaction with a close friend than a company and that really meant something to me. Being sincere is such a real emotion and they were so sweet and concerned. It made me think, I had never even visited their website to check out what they actually did aside from Insta posts.

Boom, they do tea. Shut The Front Door. Perfect.

So today, in the beauty of a snowstorm, I am sharing the organically cultivated Pear Peppercorn Green Tea which is actually a blend of pear green and vanilla white tea with some peppercorn sprinkled throughout.

I have to say it is calming and delicious-great to warm you up inside while snow piles up outside. Peppercorn is something I have never had in tea before which is why I was compelled to try this one out, and I happy that the peppercorn is a subtle flavor added into the smoothness of this particular blend. This tea in particular would be fantastic as an addition or infusion into cocktails and liquors. I will definitely be trying that out.

Blossom- thank you for being such a nice example of how other companies should be interacting with their customers. Your positive energy on social media is as refreshing as your tea. I cannot wait to try more!


3 thoughts on “new tea tuesday: pear peppercorn green & white tea blend

    1. Thank you so much Kate! This morning I am having a home blended concoction of Lov Organics lemongrass blackberrycurrent rooibos mixed with a raspberry matcha. So good! I love following other tea bloggers so thanks for reaching out! Let’s stay in touch πŸ˜‰


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