slowing down

You know that 100 mph feeling? Like life is just so much all at once? That has been me lately. My cat Amelia passing away was just such a blow and then immediately after we had an issue with our oil tank leaking. Work is a rush and weekends are booked for – like ever!

This morning I was lucky enough to have the morning to work from home and found myself slowing down to the point of appreciating sunbeams and really getting into the moment. Β Tame Impala was playing, tea was brewing and the sun was just so warm (keep in mind I have a foot+ of snow outside so that warm feeling is awesome).


Slowing down reminded me that these moments are so sweet and short and should be savored. Not rushed; savored.


Isn’t music such an amazing way to enhance the mood. Currently listening to Holiday Reverie by Hypnolove. Check it out on my Spotify Featured Songs Playlist. You might find some great new tunes for you to enjoy while there!

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