dining by design nyc

As an interior design junkie, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit the Dining By Design show in NYC presented by DIFFA (Design Industry Foundation Fighting Aids). I love how each designer is given a space and then has the ability to incorporate whatever design elements they chose. It is such a fun way to express a range of styles and options using a really small space.

Seeing as the event takes place in NYC- where apartments are small and creativity is a must- the show really allows the viewer to start thinking of fun new elements that could go into their own living spaces. Legit, each area the designers were provided with is smaller than my dining room which means that my window of possibilities can be so much larger.

I really loved how some designers brought the outside in. Between nautical settings or being transported into a desert oasis, the incorporation of plants hit my nail on the head since I have been trying to incorporate more and more plants into our living spaces.


In addition to DIFFA we also were able to check out Architectural Digest’s Design Show which was at the next door pier. That just added toย ideas of bringing more color and energy into our house.

Do you have fun ways you like to add nature into your home? Are you working on making little improvements to your space? I would love to hear more about it!! Leave me a comment or send me an email!

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