new tea tuesday: kusmi earl grey


My lion Bandit has been in pretty rough shape the last week with a terminal cancer diagnosis.  The whole experience has been a whirlwind of emotions for me, partially due to my unending love for my big teddy bear cat, but also because losing Amelia in February is still so raw.  It is hard to grasp reality when my family keeps shrinking.


With all of the stress of cat lady life rocking my boat pretty hard, I have found that going back to basics has been my motto as of late. Simple little things that make me genuinely happy. I posted at New Years that this was the year of doing more with less. I didn’t imagine it would be less kitties.

One of my all time staples when it comes to a classic comfort tea is Earl Grey. Kusmi Tea has a wonderful Earl Grey which I find is my go to when I want to relax and enjoy a familiar flavor. I am all about experimenting with tea flavors and stretching my pallet but lately all I seem to want is familiar (probably why I gorged on mac and cheese at dinner on Friday night!)

This Earl Grey is everything you want a black tea to be. For starters, it is just that – black tea.  I find so many now are peppered with flower pedals for effect, and while it is super Instagram worthy, sometimes a tea should just be a damn fine cup of tea the looks and tastes like tea. As someone who owns over a dozen varieties of Earl Grey I fully appreciate the adventure this blend offers, but right now, a classic cup is my speed.

Kusmi is my go to whenever I seek out new teas to try.  My first stop on my “what’s new” journey, which is why I am so delighted that they are pros with my staples as well.

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