Spring in DC

One year ago to the day we were in DC during a road trip from Boca Raton Florida to New Haven CT (wow I wrote home and then realized we didn’t even have our new house at that time!). You can read about that trip here:ย sunscreen and celebrations

I was so happy to have the opportunity to come back a year to the date to accept an award for National Young Insurance Professional of the Year. ย What an honor! It was an amazing reason to make a trip to our capital.

Luckily the trip lined up nicely with my brother and his wife on their own road trip, so we were able to bounce around and look at the cherry blossoms and hang out in the National Mall, which is the large park that runs between the Capital Building and the Washington Monument and is lined with countless free museums to pop into. Naturally I found my way to an exhibit of stunning gemstones. The weather could not have been nice for our afternoon adventure together. Cherry blossoms are iconic in DC from late March to early April and attracts flocks of people from all over the world. Our visit to the capital caught the tail end of the blooms.

By the way, if you are a gamer like I am, this travel set from Mark & Graham is great for bringing on adventures. ย I got it for Kyle about a year ago and like most items from M&G they monogram it, making the gift super personal.

Currently listening to Carmel by Teen Daze which you can listen to on the Paisley Rosie Featured Songs Playlist on Spotify

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