Dig into Spring


The weather is gorgeous here in New England so I have been spending all of my free time in the garden and making plans for Amelia’s memorial garden and Bandit’s memorial fire pit.  Having two of my three cats pass away weeks apart from each other has been really difficult for me (and shows in my lack of posts recently – sorry!).  This wave of spring weather has really given me an outlet to convert some of that emotion into something productive and really the timing could not be better.

There is something about digging in and making moves that really excites me. Planting a little of this and a little of that has instantly turned my backyard into a fun place to relax.  We recently added a pergola (pics soon!) as a first step in the memorial garden process-which I am excited for since I have always loved them.  Now I just need some adorable string lights!!!

This weekend I spoiled myself with a trip to Anthropologie’s gardening store, Terrain, for their Dig Into Spring festival.  The weather was 95 degrees – woozers! – and super sunny; just what my mind and body needed.

With so many beautiful blooms in my yard and around our house, I started flower and leaf pressing this weekend. Hopefully I can get some really beautiful presses in my first attempt, but we shall see!




2 thoughts on “Dig into Spring

    1. I love visiting terrain for ideas! The location by me even has a cafe inside which is super adorable. I do have to exercise restraint so I don’t end up with a $300 terrarium or something. For me it is the inspiration I love!


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