new tea tuesday: Kusmi Troika (both the black and green teas!)

This week is pretty busy for me.  My company is hosting our annual client conference so I have been slammed with prepping to entertain roughly 60 guests and preparing my speech for Thursday.  That has me working tons of extra hours and building an I-have-no-time complex.

Luckily, and unluckily, I also have house drama with an oil tank and my car needing brakes/rotors sooo today I get the luxury of working from home.  I actually needed this to decompress, still be busy, but in my my own space.

Being home gave me the opportunity to spoil myself this morning with a special New Tea Tuesday post (which apologies for slacking on these but life has been crazy with highs and lows the last two months).

For this New Tea Tuesday I wanted to take it all the way back to the basics and focus on two very similar and very different variants of my favorite style of tea: Earl Grey.  I know, I know …Earl Grey again, right?!  Well the thing about it, is that it is so incredibly dynamic and versatile which is why I can’t pull myself away.

Kusmi Tea is a staple in my many tea cabinets (hello: kitchen, home office and work office) and my obsession started with testing some of the Earl options out.  Kusmi makes a really wonderful Russia tea collection, actually that is where I spend most of my time with Kusmi.  The Troika blends are some of my favorites when I am looking for a comfort tea.


A Russian classic, Troika was the name given in pre-Revolutionary Russia to a team of three horses pulling a carriage. Here, Troika means a combination of three royal citrus fruits: bergamot, orange and mandarin, in a blend of black teas from China, India and Ceylon.

Green Troika is the unfermented version of the exclusive Troika blend with a combination of three royal citrus fruits: bergamot, orange and mandarin.

Today I tried something I am actually surprised I haven’t done previously.  I did a tea party for one and tried both the green and black side-by-side.

I really loved how vibrant the color and flavor of the traditional troika was. Rich in amber and looked super adorable with the vintage fox cup I selected for it.

The green troika was much cloudier than the traditional troika and I never would have noticed that if it wasn’t for this comparison. I love the way the bergamot comes through in this blend.  The green tea creates a bit of a more toned down flavor palette which is so appropriate compared to its bolder counterpart.

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