new tea tuesday: lov is pure

Summer, summer, summer.  Nothing screams summer to me like a nice glass of refreshing iced tea.


In anticipation of a party we hosted over the weekend, I chopped a healthy handful of lavender out of my garden and used it to infuse our two signature drinks.  The first was a Lov Organic iced tea using Lov is Pure.  The second was a lemonade.  Naturally, Arnold Palmers were flowing all afternoon (and John Daly’s)!

Infusing both drinks with the lavender was such a fun way to incorporate a bit of our house into the party.  We have massive lavender bushes lining our patio so even with the bunch I took, there is plenty left.

Love is Pure is one of the green tea, herbal blends produced by Lov Organics.  I first discovered Lov through my addiction to Kusmi Teas.  Lov is the organic, Scandinavian arm, of the French tea company and one of my favorites when I want something herbal or light.  Most of the teas they offer are very light and refreshing, either hot or cold.  I tend to enjoy most of my Lov drinks in the evening when I am looking for a low caffeine drink or as an iced tea because the flavors are always perfect chilled.

Infusing lavender into this tea was such a hit.  The tea is a blend of green tea, mate, apple and citrus notes so adding a little floral element to the mix went over very well. On a hot day, such as Saturday when we had our BBQ, this served up a refreshing option for our guest to enjoy.

By the way, the party was to celebrate our six year dating anniversary, one year homeowner anniversary as well as to introduce our friends to our two new kittens Frankie and Berlioz!


One thought on “new tea tuesday: lov is pure

  1. Your table looks so pretty with that beautiful lavender. I wish I could get mine to flourish like that.
    That green, Apple and citrus tea sounds so refreshing for a summer drink. I am not a huge iced tea fan but I may have to give it another chance.


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