exploring connecticut: hiking roxbury mine hill preserve

I was lucky enough to be invited on a hike where I got to watch one of my closest friends get engaged over the weekend at the historic 19th century iron mining site, Roxbury Mine Hill.


The iron making complex and land is on the National Registry of Historic Places. During the hike we explored the woods, the remains of the mines (only granite and stone is left, all wooden structures had been destroyed in storms) and even found a few spots were the caverns have been converted into bat habitats. It was a beautiful day for the 4 mile hike which was filled with a rainbow of mushrooms and quartz at our feet. The tunnels deep in the mountain offered a surprising natural air conditioner for us as cool air poured out of the cave entrances, which are now gated closed so that visitors do not attempt to explore the shafts deep in the mountain.



Congrats Amy and Seann! I am so happy for you both and know you have a lifetime of happy hikes in your future.  By the way, the code for Seann getting ready to bend a knee was that he wanted ice cream.  After that hike, I did too!

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