new tea tuesday: dobra tea nilgiri shiva 

In the blue mountains of Kerala in the south west of India, Nilgiri tea is produced under the strict eyes of Lord Shiva. It is distinguished for its light orange- brown infusion and super fine aroma with a notably refreshing taste of the Assamica leaf type, but more flowery and slightly fruity. Appropriate for opening the third eye!


Fully oxidized. Fresh leaves are gently rolled and placed on flat screens to wither. A deep enzymatic oxidation of the freed polyphenols brings out caramel and tannic flavors. The leaves are then quickly dried at high heat.

Lovely, right? Visit Dobra Tea for more on this great tea!

Starting my day off with this bold black tea is just what I need if I plan to make it through the day working from home with two kittens trying to break down my door.  You see, they have been tearing apart our plants for the last week so we needed to hide some of the ones they are interested in, in my office. Being surrounded by plants is my ideal situation so part of me loves it a lot however they are very aware of my presence in this locked room and have been nonstop trying to break in. It literally sounds like they are running full speed into the door in an attempt to pop it open, and often times I see four little paws reaching under the door way (which is super adorable).



Starting my day off with a strong black tea isn’t outside the norm. I love big, bold teas.  During a trip to Burlington, Vermont over the weekend I had to, repeat HAD TO, stop at my favorite tea shop: Dobra Tea. I’ve mentioned them in past posts such as: new tea tuesday: heady, fragrant kashmir ….. (on a wednesday thanks to labor day) & new tea tuesday: yerba mate

This tea was recommended by the nice guy who was working behind the tea bar at the time. With an assortment of drawers filled with various teas, he listened to my request for a rich black tea and went straight for this one. I’m glad he did because it was exactly what I was looking for.

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