for the love of music: disconnecting to connect

This is the thing.  I really enjoy seeing live music but for the last year (+) I have been getting really, and I mean REALLY, annoyed at shows.  It has become incredibly annoying to me how many people have their phones out the entire show and really just kill the vibe.

Now, I have to take a moment to be totally honest. I love taking a few good snaps at shows.  When that insanely awesome visual pops up, sure I have taken some pics of it and then tossed it on the gram.  I totally get it.  This is us, in the age of nonstop screens.

As an avid show-goer I find that there have been a few “types” that have been creeping up my level of annoyance recently:

  • The drunk person recording every song in video but not giving a damn about the quality of the video, just rapidly shaking and bouncing the video.  That produces garbage and is worth nothing later.  To do that over and over all show long is so distracting.
  • The nonstop texter. Dude, you missed the whole show texting about who knows what in a glow of toxic blue light.  Way to win the night buddy.
  • That guy trying to call his bro. Surprise! He can’t hear you. You are at a show, it is loud.  Your call is pointless. Yelling into your phone is only annoying everyone around you.

So last night I experienced a first in my concert loving adventures.  At a Tame Impala show they actually mandated that all cell phones be stored in these bags that would be locked until the end of the night.  No phones, all show. Needless to say, the fans initially were not all enthused over the announcement.

At first I thought it was a bit bogus, but having just gone to a Tycho show two days before that was filled with a sea of phones, I could see where the value would be coming into play.  I have to say, this show was one of my favorites shows I have seen in a long, long time. It was so nice to see everyone in The Capitol Theater just totally connected to the music and band.  It was the definition of an intimate show.  No distractions, just pure appreciation for the music.

Boy did they entertain. Trippy projections that would have been ruined by all of the cell phones; amazing lights; and the music. I’m still floating.

Sure I did think a few times that I would love to take a pic of some of it. After a while that went away and I was completely in it. So, so in it.  That is what the band was aiming for and boy did they do it right.

Thank you to the band, the venue, and all the fans in attendance for making that one of the best shows I have seen in a while. I truly appreciated this reminder that disconnecting for a little while can lead to a mind opening (and clearing) experience.

Pure magic.

For more on my love on Tame Impala you can check out this post from when I saw them at Radio City Music Hall!


Currently listening to (you guessed it) Tame Impala’s New Person, Same Old Mistakes.  You can listen to that and so many more featured songs on the Paisley Rosie Featured Songs Playlist


P.S. none of these pics were from last night, aside from The Cap’s post 😉

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