new tea tuesday: zen green tea liqueur

Not gonna lie, after a super fun weekend at Phish and then Game of Thrones Sunday night, I was a bit drained all day on Monday. Like nearly asleep at my desk drained! It’s all good because as soon as I got home I planned to do a combo of some blogging and vacation planning.

During a pit stop on the way home to pick up a red wine to go with dinner I happened to stumble upon a bottle of green tea liqueur from a Japanese company called Zen and was instantly intrigued.  Seemed like it was a sign to go home and taste test this for the blog!  I am glad that I did because this is a really delish drink that you can have on its own if you enjoy sweeter drinks.  Personally I found it to be better as a mixer, where a simple syrup or other sweet alcohol would be needed. After one glass on the rocks it was definitely time to switch over to the previously planned wine.

Con: I will say that I did not like that this has some unnatural looking color to it.  Vibrant dark green/yellow, it definitely has some coloring added that makes it look artificial, which I am not a fan of.

Knowing that it was 20% I didn’t want to go too crazy testing this out before dinner, so my next plan with this is to try some cocktails and explore more.  It definitely is a good replacement for some of the typical green mixers that would go in martinis! The zentonic and zentini recipes on the bottle sound like good next attempt.  I am a fan of tonic drinks and can see how the zen tonic can cut some of the sweetness out of this.

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