exploring: shenandoah national park

It goes without saying that most people who embark on a road trip look forward to seeing the beauty of nature and the changing landscape from state to state.  It could be oceans, it could be cascading farms. Perhaps amazing historic architecture or regional plants.  DSC_0031.JPG

When talking with Kyle about our favorite types of vacations, we both easily picked road trips as our favorite adventures.  There is something really freeing about packing up the car and just going…well I say that now that I have done a few without really planning.  Previously I would plan everything on a trip and the last few years have taught me to just let things happen.  Seriously, a few years back we stumbled onto the Arches National Park by just going with it and seeing were we ended up.

Over the weekend we had a similar experience on our road trip to see the solar eclipse.  We decided to detour through the Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park and I am so happy we did. Even though it added a few extra hours to our trip, we drove through the most amazing mountain tops with views for miles and miles

For those not familiar with the Skyline Drive, it has 75 scenic overlooks across 105 miles through the Blue Ridge Mountains and is the only road through the park.

Stunning and breathtaking don’t even do it justice. Seeing miles of mountains layering one after the other is like being transported into a painting.


Currently listening to Days of Lavender by Promises Ltd. which you can also listen to on the Paisley Rosie Featured Songs Playlist!  Did you know there are currently 80 songs on the playlist?  That’s a ton of great music for you to check out for your next road trip!


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