exploring: nashville… music city

For the longest time I have wanted to visit Nashville and see what the buzz was all about.  In fact a while ago, me and Kyle were talking about cities we both wanted to visit on future vacations and Nashville was high on each of our lists.

Interestingly enough, during our trip we were asked by some guys hanging at a local beer spot called The Filling Station, what brought us to Nashville.  In all honesty we didn’t have an agenda per say.  We just wanted to explore where the locals hang and see downtown.  We didn’t go for the Johnny Cash Museum or to see line dancing. We just went, I guess, to see “it”.  I still don’t know what “it” is, but I do know this much: we will be back.

We absolutely loved our short time in Nashville and it all started out with our adorable AirBnB, which was perfectly situated on 12th Street.

If you don’t know the 12th Street scene, it is peppered with great restaurants and shopping.  Not a super touristy spot, from what I could gather.  Actually it reminded me of the part of New Haven [East Rock] we lived in right before we bought our house.

A few favorite spots to eat on 12th:

  • Epice – amazing Lebanese food and perfect date spot.
  • 12th Taproom – better than normal bar food and an impressive selection of beer on draft.
  • Five Daughters Bakery – 100 layer donuts made from croissants with a drool worthy assortment of toppings


Speaking of shopping, I was really excited to take a walk up 12th Street to the Draper James flagship store.  I have been on their mailing list for so long and have always been hesitant to pay $$$ for any of their clothing without trying it on first.  Since they only have stores in the south right now (although there is a rumor CT is being eyed!!…shhhh…) I was really excited to get to stop in and check out the store in person.  First of all when you walk in they greet you with sweet tea (sweet!) and the customer service was top of the line. I fell in love with the blue dress in the pics and ended up treating myself to it.  When I tried it on, they told me that it was just released that day and I was the first person to try it on.  It was perfect!

Of course we did make it downtown for a night on Printer Alley and experiencing Music Row, but our favorite part was time spent on 12th just being “in it”.

So all in all Nashville was a blast, and we can’t wait to be back!

Currently listening to: romantic french music on vinyl, so sorry folks this time you can’t listen on the Paisley Rosie Featured songs playlist! More on that when I tell y’all about Louisville … they say y’all a whole lot down in these parts 😉

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