exploring: louisville kentucky & the bourbon capital

I remember watching Elizabethtown long before I visited Kentucky for the first time and watching the scene (see it here) where Kirstin Dunst is on the plane explaining to Orlando Bloom how to pronounce Louisville.  From that time on, I was always intrigued by how many ways people mispronounce the city.

This time visiting Louisville was short. We had just rounded out our eclipse viewing trip (more on that soon) and were coasting along on a high from our stay in Nashville (catch up on that here).  We arrived in time to meet a friend for a beer at Against the Grain Brewery before settling into our perfectly situated AirBnB. Side note: we have been scoring some major wins on AirBnB recently so I plan to write up a special post this weekend on some of my favorite spots across the country, and Louisville is on the list for sure.



Our plans for visiting Kentucky centered around one thing: BOURBON.  Ok, technically Louisville’s neighbor, Bardstown, is the Bourbon Capital.  That said, when you hop in your car and drive down from Connecticut, they basically feel like the same place.  I am used to a one hour drive in NYC equaling trying to find a parking space so driving from Louisville to Bardstown was a breeze.

Timing really only afforded us one day to explore, so unfortunately the second distillery we wanted to hit up was already closed when we wrapped up the first, but that was ok with us.  Seeing Markers Mark was fantastic.  I’ve been a fan of theirs for a while so I was excited to check out the beautiful facility, meet the distillery cat Whiskey Jean Samuels (her instagram is here, yes she has an instagram!) and of course try out some world class bourbon. So bourbon is a great reason to go already BUT we scored during our visit by seeing the Chihuly exhibit that was on display.  We have seen similar exhibits in Denver and Seattle, so this was a nice unexpected treat.  Did you know that Makers Mark actually has a permanent Chihuly?? How awesome is that!

Ending the trip for drinks at the rooftop bar UP8 overlooking the nightlife of 4th street was a blast.  The weather was perfect, the people were beautiful and the skyline was on point.

Against the Grain Brewery & Smokehouse:


Vertigo AirBnB:



Makers Mark:




We will certainly be back again for more, our Bourbon Trail card is barely stamped!

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