exploring: part two – favorite airbnb spots

In my last post I mentioned how my boyfriend and I were chatting about our favorite vacations, as we started the second half of our road trip last week.  Sitting around some banging Lebanese food and a bottle of wine in Nashville, we got lost in happy memories thinking about all of the great places we have traveled to.  Each trip down memory lane included not just the sights and events that took us there, but also how happily surprised we were with our lodging.

As the title of this post would imply, that convo led me to want to share my travel tips (see exploring: part one – five simple tips for traveling with airbnb) and some of our favorite resting spots with my readers. No, this is not sponsored by AirBnB, I am writing this because I genuinely feel that each and every one of the spaces I am going to tell you about, added a happy layer to our adventures. Below are some of my favorites from weekend getaways to full on vacation spots.

The great thing about superhosts, which I hope you all learn over time as well, is that they could be offering just a studio. Guaranteed it will feel like so much more than just a studio. The care and effort that goes into a home is felt. Our Nashville spot was a studio, hosted by AirBnB superhosts with over 200 reviews. The passion superhosts possess for hosting guests shows in apartments of all sizes and price ranges.  What I am trying to say is that it doesn’t need to be the Ritz to be amazing. I don’t look for the Ritz. I look for comfortable and maybe a perk here or there like the shower in Denver with heated sauna jets! The local beer and chocolates our Nashville hosts provided were pretty nice too.


Brooklyn, NY Garden Oasis, Williamsburg ||Stunning Loft, near Williamsburg ||Brooklyn Industrial Loft <- I’ve stayed here multiple times!

I’ve stayed in BKLN so much I should just dedicate a whole post to NYC. But in a short summary of three faves, what I look for when staying in Brooklyn? Outdoor spaces.  Brooklyn rarely disappoints with some of the best skyline views of Manhattan.  I always check for a listing with access to a rooftop or a pretty garden.  Those drinks during sunset create the mood for dancing the night away at any of the many nearby discotheques.


Austin, Texas East Central 1950s bungalow

In Austin I want room, and plenty of it.  Going to Austin has always meant music to me. After attending Austin City Limits or hitting the town up for a nice night out, I want to have room to relax and lounge in the morning.  Austin visits have always been special to me, and usually that involves having a nice spot to relax and ease into my mornings.


Louisville, Kentucky Vertigo Louisville | food writer’s flat

What do I look for in Louisville? Easy, foodie delights!  This spot is perfectly supplied with everything you would need to cook up some good old soul food before going out for the night (or staying in!). With all of the bourbon flowing in this town, a full belly is essential to staying 100% on point throughout the night.  This spot is a short walk from Old Louisville into downtown, making it a breeze to visit the action on 4th Street after dinner.


Nashville, Tennessee Stay in the heart of 12th South!

Nashville is obviously Music City but there is so much more to Nashville. That is why we wanted to find a space that would let us live like the locals. This perfect studio is located in the heart of 12th Street which is bustling with great restaurants, bars and shopping that you would miss out on if you only popped in downtown.  With a beautiful park and community center across the street, this just feels like home to me. In fact the community center has a gym for $3 a day! Perfect for a quick work out and way better than a hotel gym.

I’d love to hear about some of your favorite spots?  Share them in the comments!  This trip has me itching to get back out there and see more!

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