exploring: connecticut’s secret garden, hollister house

As a child I was always obsessed with the movie The Secret Garden.  I loved that movie and would daydream of finding some secret garden of my own one day to rehab into the most beautiful garden I’ve ever seen.  Legit, that is still a daydream of mine.  Ever since that movie, I have had a passion for English style gardens,  manicured gardens and wild gardens, greenhouses and interior gardens.  Everything about being surrounded by beautiful life just melts me into a very happy place.  For a little more than a year now, since we bought our house with a couple cute little gardens, I have been wanting to invest in a greenhouse or plot of land to take this love to the next level.

Last Sunday felt like I had been transformed into the movie when I visited The Hollister House Garden in the northwestern part of the state in Washington, Connecticut.

I was in awe by the cascading bushes and perfectly arranged sitting areas.  The roses and peonies and dahlias were so  bright and full.  The water settings were tranquil, even with the many people walking the garden and taking pictures.  The buildings on the property were charming and the soaring hill across the creek rounded out the full, magical setting of the garden.


I was in my happy place, and as a bonus, was there for a rare and unusual plant sale.  Of course I had to grab some adorable house plants to bring home with me. Unfortunately poor planning on my part had me miss the cocktail party the night before. Man, enjoying cocktails in the garden would be heavenly. I will have to monitor the calendar events for another opportunity!

Here are the goodies I brought home with me:

If I went back this weekend, it would not be soon enough.  For those interested, the website provides visiting hours as well as a summary of blooms to expect by month for planning.

Do you have secret gardens you enjoy visiting? I would love to hear about them and add them to the list.  For the event I attended there were guests who traveled from as far as Ohio just to see the garden! WOW.

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