new tea tuesday: no.1 bellocq breakfast

Since the end of August I have been pretty sick recovering from a painful case of shingles and as a result have been working from home nearly everyday.  In fact, I have only been in the actual office 3 times since the middle of August- thank goodness for having a home office.  Good news is that I am getting better, but it was a rough month and a half of healing with more to come.

This morning I ventured into the office so that I can prepare for a conference I will be attending in Jersey City starting tomorrow.  It was really, really nice to be back with my go-to office teas! While sipping my Bellocq Breakfast tea this morning, and watching the fog rise on the river from the office on the 9th floor, I thought I would share some of my favorite Bellocq blends from past New Tea Tuesday posts , in addition to the tea I am enjoying this morning!

I really enjoy Bellocq and the quality this boutique tea house offers.  Earlier this year I was lucky enough to visit the shop in New York and stock up on some yummy treats.  In addition to Bellocq being incredibly consistent with high quality teas, my favorite thing about them is the ability to be dynamic enough to present household staples such as new tea tuesday: bellocq no.35 the earl grey but also adventurous offerings like new tea tuesday: no.22 bellocq national parks dept

This morning’s tea is a traditional breakfast blend, rich in flavor and aroma.  {My entire office smells wonderful} The dark caramel color reminds me of my favorite amber ring and at just the right moment, I looked over to catch the reflection of clouds moving across my cup.

 Other great featured Bellocq blends:

new tea tuesday: no.47 bellocq queen’s guard

new tea tuesday: bellocq no.09 the white duke

new tea tuesday: no.54 bellocq gypsy caravanimg_0154

Currently listening to Beautiful Object by Glass Candy.  Give it a listen on a special Spotify playlist I made of over 80 songs I have listened to while writing past blog posts! Explore some new music over your next cup of tea!

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