Hello 2018

Hello friends!

Hard to believe how fast 2018 got here. I know the last quarter of 2017 I was pretty quiet, but that was because I was busy killing it in real life and honestly put this on hold to focus on some major work priorities.  Happy to say that I accomplish everything I was working on that took me away from writing, and I’m back!

There were so many highs and lows in 2017 in my life and literally everywhere in the news that focusing on the great things happening was kinda hard at times, honestly. Luckily, I had great milestones such as earning the honor of National Young Insurance Professional of the Year from PIA, a professional organization in my industry.

Looking back, I am so happy with everything the year brought to me and when I look back at the hard hits the struck like a tornado, I feel I learned a lot. For example, losing my love bugs and BFF’s Bandit and Amelia was D E V E S T A T I N G but it reminded me how precious life is, and in exchange for my suffering I was blessed with two other love bugs who entered our lives, Frankie and Berlioz.  I was in Block Island last summer extremely depressed about the passing of B&A when I read a sign that said something to the effect of “the love we feel for those we lost doesn’t become an empty hole in our heart, but instead stretches our capacity to love even more” on the sign was a drawing of a dog. I wish all the time that I had snapped a photo of that sign. It has brought me so much peace thinking back to that moment.  When we returned from our trip, the kittens were finally old enough to come home with us and started a new chapter in our lives.

The year brought other fantastic opportunities as well!  Becoming an Influencer and regular contributor to The Perpetual You magazine has been so much fun.  From photo shoots, to content creation and even planning meetings I have enjoyed so much of my involvement with those ladies and look forward to many more opportunities in the future.  (You can read my latest cocktail article in the current issue here and explore tons of past magazine issues here)

So what does 2018 have in store for me?

Travel: Well, I was excited to book our room for our annual weekend in Block Island and we made a commitment to pay down some debt (fun, I know) so that we can plan a fun vacation somewhere farther!

Adventures: In 2017, I did my first 4K footer (that’s a mountain for non-outdoorsy types) in New Hampshire and while the reward was stunning at the top I realized I am terribly out of shape.  In 2018, I plan to get out more and be more and more active on my time off, that’s for sure.

Gardening: My indoor garden has been coming along splendidly but I need to step up my game so that I can build the memorial garden I envisioned for Amelia in the backyard.  Now that we know what grows in our yard each season (the joys of being a new homeowner) I feel really well positioned to start off spring with designing and setting up Amelia’s garden. I am really looking forward to seeing that come to life.

My plan is to Grow, grow in ever way. Financially, health wise, and super literally.

Here’s to another great year, and being willing to accept the bad with the good and learn in every step along the way!

Photo credit: Kelly Peterson via The Perpetual You Friendsgiving Photo shoot

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