Life cycles of plants and other musings

2017 was a funky year for me after losing my two lovely kitties and some people who were close to me.  It taught me a lot about cycles and relationships. It taught me a lot about myself and it also showed me who was there for me when I really needed it most.  People I expected were not so close, and some really surprising friends jumped into my support channel with incredible empathy.  I feel really lucky for having the ability now, when the wounds are still healing, to be able to learn from them. Learning is such an important part of life.

Most successful people dedicate at least 5 hours a week to dedicated learning.

Read. Reflect. Experiment.

While the year didn’t exactly go as planned, I found unexpected comfort in gardening and the plants I keep around me.  If you visit our house you likely see more and more plants with each visit. I feel that they have taught me a lot about staying grounded; nurturing when appropriate but also standing aside at times. They have taught me that too much of a good thing isn’t great – hello over watering! Lots of my lessons go so much past plants and grow into my life in other ways.

I’ve decided to invest time on my blog to my plants, something new for 2018. I love the lessons they have brought my way and look forward to sharing them. From indoor to outdoor, my own to those I come across in my adventures, in art and in life; plants are a theme in my life, and now on Paisley Rosie.


Today’s lesson came as I was walking through our perfectly coated, snowy backyard.  Waking up to a snowy wonderland was the perfect way to ease into my day. I started with a nice walk through the yard and was reminded that thorns will eventually become roses and when the snow melts our yard will eventually come to life again.

When I returned inside I found my favorite succulent plant had died without warning.  Lately I keep saying that the beautiful things about plants is that if they do die, you can replace them. I don’t mourn plants the same way as I do other objects that may break or need to be tossed.

Immediately upon finding my poor plant blue and wilted over I realized it was the fertilizer I had placed in the soil a few days ago! See what I mean about not everything good is good for all?!

So what is next?  Propagating! As I learn more and more about plants, I have found a love for propagating. This will be fun to learn together via the blog and something I look forward to sharing with everyone. I receive regular questions from my Instagram followers about it, so I hope the content is meaningful and valuable to my blog followers too!


Interesting fact: I had been propagating plants before I even knew what that word meant! Maybe you have too….

Stay tuned for an upcoming post introducing the topic of propagation of succulents and other plants!



Do you know a lot about plants? I would love to hear your tips and tricks for keeping them happy and multiplying.

Have questions about plant care or simply don’t think you can keep them alive? I would love to hear more on that too.


Also new for 2018 is a fresh start to the Paisley Rosie Featured Songs Playlist on Spotify.  Starting the year off listening to Whalebones by Man Man <- great song!  If you haven’t seen Man Man live, I would highly recommend it.

Looking for the past playlist I had been building off for a while… you can find that one here loaded with 82 songs I was listening to as I wrote this blog over the last 2 years!


2 thoughts on “Life cycles of plants and other musings

  1. So much of this post resonated with me! I’ve been finding healing and comfort in working/playing with my plants as well after losing a dear cat and two family members over the past two years. Propagation of my houseplants (and any cuttings I grab from plants that family members have!) during the winter months especially is my favorite – it feels magical to be able to create an entire new plant out of a small part. I’m so excited to read more about your life with plants!


    1. Thank you very much for that comment. I am so happy that resonated with someone else. I have really bonded with my plants and its nice to hear you have a similar relationship with yours. I’m sorry to hear about the hardships, I can certainly relate! Thank you from the depths of my heart for your comment

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