hashtags to follow on instagram

Ok, I know, following hashtags on instagram is old news at this point.  When they announced the new functionality a couple of months ago I figured I would see how I felt about it before making a post on Paisley Rosie.  Honestly, I love it.  The ability to follow hashtags has completely changed the way I use the platform!

Previously I would use hashtags for things like my new tea tuesday series (which as a side note has been intentionally put on pause because at this point I have WAY too much tea in my cabinet to use up). Now that the follow functionality has been activated I not only am using them more in my own posts, and being more intentional about those I use, but I tend to elect to follow a hashtag before a page since my feed immediately bursts with new content to explore that is tailored towards the images I am looking to consume.

Here are some of the favorites that I have been looking at lately:









This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Do you have hashtags that you have been following since the update?  Tell me your favorites! I’d love to add some more!

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