what is propagation?


Learning about propagation started long before I knew what I was even doing.  I had a pothos plant in my early 20s and didn’t have the bandwidth at the time to manage watering it.  When I learned that the plant could be cut and rooted in water I was beyond fascinated.  Pretty soon the one plant turned into many.

Watching the roots growing in repurposed bottles of wine and growlers became a hobby and pretty soon I wasn’t even focused on repotting the pothos back into soil. Even now I enjoy visiting all of our water rooted pothos and watching as the roots grow wildly in their vessels.

It’s no doubt that Instagram has brought the succulent trend to our homes and offices, regardless of the regions we live in.  Terrariums and quirky flower boxes are soo in that at times I wonder how long it will last.  With subscription boxes and even grocery stores carrying the cuties, succulents are another fun and easy plant to maintain which can also be propagated to make many more.


So what is propagation?  Simply put, it is being able to grow a child plant from an extract of the parent plant.

As I continue my journey of propagating plants I have found some much easier than others and something that is a learning experience. I love the reward that comes with making more plants (for free!!) so it is worth it to learn if you aspire to have a house full of plants. I will say I have some work to do with succulents but have had some varying levels of success.  That’s what learning is all about right?

To kick off the discussion I figured I would break up the knowledge sharing I have on this topic into two upcoming parts:

-Water Propagating <- so easy

-Soil Propagating <- a little more work

Since I am not an expert on this, I would love to hear from my readers on your experiences, favorite articles and see pics of plants you have propagated!!IMG_4916[1]

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